Cloud-based ERP application in your service developed with the latest technologies will be used not only by large enterprises but also by SMEs.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning software PIERP is an advanced platform that combines production management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting, core HR processes in one software.

Since all the relevant processes come together and are run together, it was thought that only large-scale enterprises needed them and they were adopted as such so the old technological capabilities supported this fact.

Whereas however, it is not the first time the processes of all enterprises have improved, their integration spun and their needs increased. On the other hand, the technology has been advanced and more cost-effective and the presentation of information products as a service has been provided and facilitated.

In this way, both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to benefit from ERP service today.

  • The new generation of ERP that has the power of on-site analysis and specially designed for the needs
  • Software development processes specific to cloud computing infrastructure
  • Easy installation and training, fast commissioning
  • SaaS ( Software As a Service) Model
  • PaaS ( Platform As a Service) Model
  • Use as much as needed, pay as much as use
  • On-site installation and service alternative for large enterprises (On Prem)
  • Advanced integration infrastructure
  • Easy migration of data
  • 7 X 24 Support
  • 20 Years of Software Service Experience



The processes & workflows and roles can be managed individually from a single platform built on a flexible structure.

The Work Flow & Process Management System has been offered to companies and institutions with its customizable advanced structure that can be individually adapted to the workflows of many different departments from purchasing to sales, planning to production, from export to marketing, from retail distribution to service delivery. Units can define their own processes, stages, and create flows unique to their internal structures. In this way, while improving their processes, which will also have standard business follow-up management.

After a job is defined, it provides a flexible interface showing the stage, role, unit, cost, and timing of the job while managing the resources used, tasks assigned, deadlines, the final steps. Integration can be made between the workflows of different departments so that workflows and processes throughout the enterprise can be progressed through the system without interruption.

With the system, employees will be able to use their time more efficiently, and managers will be able to realize more efficient resource use thanks to the platform.

Thanks to the variable and integrated panel infrastructure, all processes and workflows within the enterprise can be monitored and managed on a single platform.

  • Advanced Work Flow Management 
    • Customizable Boards
    • Staging & Workgroup Definitions
    • Resource Allocation
    • Integrated Board Design 
    • Work Package Management
    • Tracking of Planned, Transferred, Ongoing, Cancelled Jobs
  • Resource Management 
    • Job-Based Time Planning 
    • Human Resources Allocation
    • Coordination between departments
    • Productivity Analysis 
    • Performance Metrics 
  • SLA Management
    • Contract-Based Management
    • Real-Time SLA Monitoring
    • Central Help Desk 
    • Budget Management 
  • Dashboard
  • Integrated Structure



Human Resources processes from candidate selection to retirement processes are at your service on a single platform.

TALES ERP Human Resources Management System, which enables businesses to manage effectively their most important resource, has been offered to the service of both private sector companies and public institutions. 

The first stage of Human Resources, starting with the creation of the Candidate Announcement, where detailed registration of all personnel is made, tracking is ensured, and performance and efficiency analyzes can be made on a well-developed structure.

All Human Resources processes can be managed through a single application thanks to its personal / role-based competency analysis and comparison, integrated work with training applications, integrated structure with turnstile systems, and salary/payroll applications.

Integrated resource management across the enterprise can be provided with the application, which includes different processes such as leave and report tracking, score management, study reports, and visit reports.

  • Title / Task / Role Based Management 
  • Recruitment Management 
    • Candidate Definitions 
    • Listing Tracks 
    • Competency Analysis 
    • Process Management 
  • Detailed Staff Tracks
  • Performance & Efficiency Management 
  • Reports
    • Work & Job Forms 
    • Visit Forms
    • Leave Forms 
    • Allowance Forms



Has been developed specifically for your needs for effective management of office processes.

Digital Office Management Systems have been developed to record office administrative processes, measure processes and functionality, and increase efficiency.

Call, Visitor, Cargo registration, and tracking can be provided effectively. Internal and external meeting records, meeting room management, accommodation, and travel reservations can be made through a single application. All events for employees, customers, or dealers can be planned, invited, and followed up via the E-Office.

With the E-Office application that can work in integration with other applications of Tales ERP, all your office processes can be carried out effectively

  • Call Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Cargo Management

  • Expense Record

  • Accommodation and Travel Reservations

  • Meeting Room Management

  • Meeting Management

  • Event Management

  • Internal messaging



You can deal directly with the integrated business intelligence solution that does not have setup, hardware, licensing and business problems.

Today, the most important component of the decision-making, implementation, instant / continuous control, planning and management processes of institutions and businesses is undoubtedly Business Intelligence.

To be able to work effectively in business intelligence processes; the accuracy and completeness of the data depends on a variety of factors, such as the application of business intelligence to meet the needs, and the equipment and infrastructure are appropriate/adequate for related technologies. Many Business Intelligence projects may not achieve the desired success due to the incompatibility or lack of related factors/components.

PiDATA teams have developed a unique solution for business intelligence needs of organizations and businesses. With advanced Business Intelligence applications and integrated hardware infrastructure specific to the project/need, customers will be able to access fast, easy and efficient service.

PiOPIZ, for the first time in the sector; it offers an integrated, integrated Business Intelligence solution in a single package with on-site hardware support for the needy, so users can improve their processes using only advanced software.

  • Advanced Dashboard and interfaces
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Integration with different data types and databases (RDMS, Big Data, NoSQL)
  • Easy installation, effective integration with existing infrastructure
  • Ease of Use
  • Sustainable, Scalable, developable
  • Strong Hardware-Infrastructure Support
  • Ease of dealing with a single service provider in Software and Hardware
  • Integrated Service Privilege
  • Continuous High performance
  • Dynamic Query/Report Capability