With the tailor-made approach to your organization, we develop the products you need on the latest technologies and secure platforms. We offer related software with time/quality/cost optimization.


The common goal of PiDATA Team in software development processes is PERFECTION.

The main point of Software Development Services is to determine customer needs accurately and completely and to accept the customer as the center of the product development cycle from the first day to the last day of the processes. This is the first step to perfection.

In order to achieve excellence in design processes; over the years, proven methodologies are blended with the extraordinary creativity of the team, especially young one. Based on the Agile software development methodologies, the software developed with advanced technologies is provided service after being subjected to advanced testing processes.

The most valuable step of software services is undoubtedly the post-installation support and update processes. PiDATA teams have proven their expertise in this field.

PiDATA has the experience, team, technology and tools to ensure the excellence expected in all processes from the analysis stage to the testing and post-installation support stages.

We are moving forward confidently with the power given by our leading technology business partners in the global arena.


We share our knowledge, our most valuable capital, special to your needs with you...


Our experienced IT Consultancy team provides the highly secure, high-tech platform that our customers need, together with consulting services. It is important to us for organizations to define and organize information strategies, to reach the right skills and expertise, to save time and money by using information technologies effectively, to simplify complex and inefficient business processes and the most importantly to provide data protection.

PiDATA Teams use their 20 years of experience in Information Technologies to provide modernization services for the purpose of creating the right strategy, ensuring information security and improving system integration. Our approach is to focus on the customer's strategy and long-term goals. Therefore, we provide effective consultancy services to the customer in order to achieve lasting results rather than temporary excitement.

Together with our partners, we are pleased to share our experience in discovering the most effective ways to use existing support, available resources and technology trends in creating a technology roadmap for our customers.

Support for creating new projects in line with the changing needs of our customers is an integral part of the consultancy services.


PiDATA teams, with their extensive experience and the highest level expertise, meticulously provide the right solutions to meet even your hardest demand in IT infrastructure.


PiDATA teams combine the positioning and projecting capabilities of PiDATA experts with products from globally known and trusted brands to meet the hardware and infrastructure requirements of organizations. PiDATA teams are known for their expertise in infrastructure and hardware services.

To review the customer's environment for large-scale corporate infrastructure projects, identify needs, operate effective project and positioning processes, edit contract content, approve pre-installation prerequisites, clarify final requests with customer and perform installation; It is the expertise of PiDATA teams. Similarly, contract management and remote/on-site support services are included in the package during the contract.

PiDATA teams that is successfully accomplished numerous hardware/infrastructure projects in our country offer versatile infrastructure network solutions, communication solutions, business applications, servers, workstations, backup solutions, storage systems, data centers.

Contemporary IT necessities developing, changing, and transforming, are transforming into highly specific and advanced business requirements including Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data capabilities, as well as legacy computing and hardware requirements. PiDATA teams, with their wide experience and the highest level of expertise, provide the right solutions to meet your most demanding and meticulous requirements in IT infrastructure.


We meet the education/training needs you need in our areas of expertise. We make your teams more productive in a short time and offer you high value added trainings...


Today, Information Technologies is the backbone of the basic processes of institutions and businesses. For this reason, organizations need information professionals who can manage and develop their existing information systems as well as the products and services they receive from outside. The most important requirements of the relevant experts after being involved in the job are to be constantly up to date, to follow the technologies and to be able to obtain and apply the necessary information in order to be beneficial to their institutions.

PiDATA experts, at this point, it blends the current knowledge they have with the experiences gained from hundreds of projects in the field and provides them to their customers within the scope of training service.

PiDATA trainings are usually given face to face at the customer location. Customers can get maximum benefit from the trainings related to the existing infrastructures or new projected infrastructures that are specific to institutions and enterprises or related to new software applications in developing technology.  All of course contents, materials, visuals and printed documents are special for the course. Upon successful completion of such courses, participants receive their own personalized training certificates.

R & D

To provide private sector and university cooperation. We carry out innovative and realistic projects through joint works.


PiDATA teams attach great importance to Research and Development activities to achieve excellence in software development processes and services provided. R & D processes are handled as living processes, which are carried out together with experts, academics and customers in the team within PiDATA. For this reason, there are three main focal points in R & D projects that are often developed with customers;

  •  Human-oriented, human benefit applications
  •  Cost-reducing, efficiency-enhancing applications
  •  Innovative, sustainable practices

In addition, PiDATA teams provide R & D services on innovative software technologies, design technologies and data processing systems. PiDATA's R & D efforts are a natural consequence of the process of analyzing the needs of its customers.

With their experience and financial strength, PiDATA teams carry out the best experts in their field, joint projects with other companies, academic institutes, NGOs and government agencies.